Volumina Jurassica, a journal supported by the ISJS, is a peer-reviewed geological journal, edited by the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute and the Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, devoted to the publication of original research papers on all aspects of the Jurassic System.
The journal is published in a printed version and on line. The on-line version is the original.

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Recommended example citation
GRABOWSKI J., 2011 — Magnetostratigraphy of the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval in the Western Tethys and its correlations with other regions: a review. Volumina Jurassica, 9: 105–128.


2012 AND 2013

Gert Bloss (Germany), Oksana Dzyuba (Russia), Ewa Głowniak (Poland), Guillaume Dera (France), Franz Fürsich (Germany), Olech Hnylko (Ukraine), Renata Jach (Poland), Marek Jasionowski (Poland), Cyprian Kulicki (Poland), Bronisław Matyja (Poland), Christian Meister (Switzerland), Kevin Page (UK), Dhirendra K. Pandey (India), Gulio Pavia (Italy), Guenter Schweigert (Germany), Jan Środoń (Poland)


Bruce D. Allen (USA), Brooks Britt (USA), Cristina Casellato (Italy), Sebastian G. Dalman (USA), William R. Dickinson (USA), Jaume Dinares-Turell (Italy), Zofia Dubicka (Poland), John R. Foster (USA), Jacek Grabowski (Poland), Stephen P. Hesselbo (United Kingdom), Adrian P. Hunt (USA), Bart S. Kowallis (USA), Martin Lockley (USA), David Lovelace (USA), Spencer G. Lucas (USA), B. Andrzej Matyja (Poland), Kevin Page (United Kingdom), József Pálfy (Hungary), Günter Schweigert (Germany), Edward Simpson (USA), Jolanta Smoleń (Poland), Robert M. Sullivan (USA), Lawrence H. Tanner (USA), Ekaterina Tesakova (Russia), William A. Wimbledon (United Kingdom), Andrzej Wierzbowski (Poland), John K. Wright (United Kingdom), Zdenek Vasiček (Czech Republic)